21 Ways to Save Money on A Wedding in Australia

Many people in their 20s and 30s have serious financial aims for their jobs, travel, and home. However, adding a wedding to this can be a financial juggling action. Because the wedding functions can eat all your lifetime savings. 

Thereby, we want to help you plan your wedding day on a budget. Let us help you in choosing the correct venue, and make the right moves that could be luxurious plus budget-friendly. Moreover, your wedding in Australia will be beyond your expectation without exceeding your budget.

According to the studies, the average Australian wedding cost around $60k to 100K.  So first thing first, you should know your budget to spend accordingly. Prefer to make a list first. Moreover, in this article, we will discuss how to cut wedding costs, so you can easily plan your spending and cut down your unnecessary costs.

Plan a date night with your partner and discuss how to save money on a wedding. However, once you got the list together, you don’t need to worry. This way, you can save a huge amount on some important things. 

Considerable Things in A Wedding

First, decide what type of wedding you want, or you can afford. After that, make a list of things to get the price quote. While planning a wedding on a budget, below is the list you may consider. 

• Location

• Photographer

• Invitation

• Flowers and Decoration

• Wedding Clothes

• Food and Drinks

• Music

• Transport

Make sure to get the price quote. You might have an idea about how much your wedding will cost. In addition, once you know the cost, you will be able to save according to your plan. 

Plan Like a Pro

While arranging a wedding on a budget plan, it's important to design. List down all that you can consider and think about all the items step by step. 

The prior you begin, the more you save. In other words, you can easily avoid the eleventh-hour struggle for things. The more you spend time on planning, the more you can save.

Make sure to enlist every single detail that needs spending to be done. Thereby, at the end you can figure out which expenses could be cut down without losing the wedding functions charm.  

Tips to Save Money on A Wedding Day

It is hard to save money while planning your big day, and generally, the bells and whistles can be endless. However, with so many options, it is hard to decide where to shop and from where to save. 

It is tempting to keep shopping for your big day. 

Australians spend their money on luxurious cars instead of normal transport. They use to spend on premium invitations instead of using technology and having a digital invitation. They love to shoot and celebrate their big day in a luxurious way. 

In this article, we provide you some helpful tips and tricks which will help you to save money on a wedding.

1. Consider Your Values Over Expenses and Consider a Personal Touch

Plan a date night with your partner and plan your wedding day on a budget. However, once you got the list together, you don’t need to worry. Similarly, you can save a huge amount on some important things. Here we are talking about key decisions:

• For instance, having a huge fancy cake might be expensive in addition, consider having cupcakes are better and less expensive.

• Drive your car to the venue instead of renting.

2. Organize the Celebration at Home or Outdoors

Hiring a building or a venue for your wedding and reception might be expensive. However, if you want to save money on a wedding, consider your place for your wedding ceremony. In addition you can also select any public park with some wonderful views. You can also have a reception outdoors with a charming atmosphere, in addition, eliminating the renting cost.

You can also organize your wedding and reception in the same venue in order to save money. Because if you hire two different places, it will cost you a lot or might get heavy on your pocket.

3. Saving on Photography

While planning a wedding on a budget, hire a photographer and ask for HD images on CD instead of purchasing a print album. In addition, it will help you to save some extra bucks. After that, you can print any picture according to your will. You can also use any online software to edit your picture instead of paying some amount to the editor. 

4. Skip Additional Parties and Save Some Extra Bucks

Ask yourself if you really need a party or kitchen tea event. It could be more than enough if you throw just one party that covers all your important features. If you want to save money, combine all your events and skip additional events and parties.

5. Save Money on Wedding Entertainment

There are many choices when it comes to fun or entertaining guests. You can go for a band or set a music playlist or do something out of the box. However, if you want to save money on your wedding day, you can also hire a student band instead of a professional and expensive bands. 

In other words, you can also invite some local dancers or local bands. Similarly, you can also involve your guest in the process and ask them to add their preferred songs to your wedding playlist.

6. Hit the Sales and Save Some Extra Money for Your Wedding

Grab the sale offers and make a huge difference. Hit on Black Friday, Christmas Sale, Thanksgiving, and other online discount offers. Likewise, shop from the sale and use it as an opportunity. Grab shopping vouchers for shoes, dress, and styling, and enjoy your wedding season with huge savings for the future. 

7. Change Your Wedding Season

If the current time of the year or month is not really important, then consider an off-season or mid-week ceremony.

Generally, in Australia, September to April is the peak wedding season. But to save money on a wedding, change your wedding season; celebrate in the offseason, and save huge amounts of money. Shift your wedding date in the season of August or May might be helpful for you if you want to save a huge amount

You can also change the day. In addition, people usually marry on Saturday or Sunday. Switch the day to Friday or Monday and save tons of dollars. Plan your wedding to mid-week and are able to save even more. On the other hand flights and other services are also cheaper in midweek.

You can also save money by booking your slot in the morning. In other words, a morning ceremony costs you less rather than an evening celebration.

8. Use Technology and Save on Invitations

The fancy designer invitation can cost you a lot. While talking about how to save money on your wedding in Australia, use technology. In addition, design your card on some online software and invite all your guests with the help of the digital platform. In other words, this will help you to save some amount for the future. 

9. Sort out Your Saving Plans for Wedding

Workout on the budget and try to achieve your goals. Decide how much you want to save daily to reach your goals. If you want to boost your savings choose a bank account that will pay some bonus interest. For instance, some banks offer bonus interest if you make regular deposits. In conclusion, your account balance would have grown by the end of the month. 

10. Play Smart with Your Wedding Dress

In order to save money on a wedding, below are a few tips to save money on the wedding dress. 

• Look for a non-bridal boutique and get a dress you can easily wear on your big day. 

• Spot the sales and subscribe to all the newsletters from designers and boutiques so you can easily know about the discounts. 

• You can also rent a dress, as you only wear it once. In other words, there are plenty of online stores which help you to rent a wedding dress. 

• Avoid ordering custom dress all together because, in the end, it will cost you a lot.

• Instead of purchasing new dresses for bridesmaids, you can also wear a particular color instead of following a particular color theme.

11. Talk with Your Vendors

If you want to save money on a wedding, then talk to your vendors. They are pro at saving. In other words, they know how to save dollars. 

Your florist or caterer might suggest you some expensive or out of season stuff. But by providing them a budget or asking about the price quote, it will help you save some money on a wedding in Australia. Work together and try to be on the same page. 

12. Saving on Videography

Save some extra bucks on video making. In addition, videography can cost you thousands. Instead, you can borrow video clips from guests. 

Therefore, if there is no guest, ask the planner to make a mobile video for you. So you can edit it at home in no time. Moreover, highlight the reel with some good background music.

13. Elope

If the big fat wedding is not your cup of tea, then just hire a vendor and venue and save money accordingly. If you want to save money on a wedding in Australia and want t to avoid unnecessary guest, then the best way is by eloping.

It is the type of marriage which will be conducted with the knowledge of friends and family. Typically the weddings do not have a host or any other celebration. 

In order to elope, you need to know the points below:

• Check the law

• Book your vendor and travel

• Plan the celebration with your partner

• Send announcement

• Throw a post elopement party

In other words, do not forget the legal documentation and be prepared for the reaction of your close family and friends. 

14. Buy Alcohol when There’s a Deal

Alcohol is a big expense when it comes to a wedding. You have to play around with discount vouchers instead of opting for a whole bar. Alcohol can last for a long time. If you want to save money on a wedding, then grab discount deals from different outlets. In other words, make a collection from different brands and stock up for your big day. You can also purchase in bulk from any local vendor. In conclusion, when you are buying alcohol, do check their return policy, and do not worry about purchasing too much. 

Another clever way to save money on a wedding in Australia is that you can also set a ticket system for alcohol. For instance, three tickets for three alcohol or other beverages. However, in that way, you can easily limit the number of beverage.

You can also provide alcohol in small glasses if you limit people to two to three glasses. In this way, you will cut the cost with the smaller glasses and save some extra money.

15. Make a Wise Choice and Save on Wedding Rings

In Australia, wedding bands are an important and traditional part of your commitment. According to studies, Australians spend around 3% on wedding rings. For instance, if you want to save on your wedding. In other words, this is an area from which you can cut off pretty much. In the future, you will hopefully wear this ring every day, so select wisely. 

Therefore, check some reasonable ring options, and in addition, you can also customize it for a deeper meaning. 

16. Go Casual on Cocktail Hour

Firstly, cocktails play a major role in your cost. In other words, serve snacks during cocktail hour to hold your guests over until the main course is served; consider dips and platters. You can also serve fruits, nuts, and cheese as these dishes require less labor and help to save you little money on the main course.

Secondly, a lot of expense goes into catering, including the cost of plates. To save money, keep your food simple yet delicious. There is nothing wrong with traditional food. Just focus on well-cooked and delicious food.

17. Do Not Stress

Sometimes things did not work accordingly, and some work left at the last minute. If you want to save money, then be patient and do not worry about small things. Similarly, no one will notice the tiny issues. Most often, someone from the party is always ready to help you and fix your issue. Just be calm and enjoy the wedding and ignore small issues. 

18. Avoid a Long Guest List

There is no doubt that you are extremely excited and want to invite everyone to your wedding. But if you want to save money, then this is not a great idea. In other keep words, keep your guest list as small as you can. 

With each adding, make you cost. In other words, try to make your wedding intimate. 

To save money, keep the points below in your mind:

1. Try to invite fewer people and make your wedding intimate.

2. Start shaping your list as soon as possible.

3. Please read it, again and again, to make yourself satisfied.

Also, to cope with the new normal, cut down your guest list as much as possible. In addition, you can also invite them through a digital platform like Skype or any other medium for video call.

19. Some Additional Money Saving Tips

Keep your wedding simple yet elegant. Ultimately it would be best if you had a wedding that will make you and your partner satisfied. In other words, including your likings and choices. Following are some additional tips which will help you to save money on a wedding.

• Look for the best sale deal. 

• Do not tell the suppliers that you particularly need it for a wedding ceremony. In other words, by telling them, prices might go up.  

• Do something creative and save some money on decor and flowers.

20. DIY Your Things and Save Some Extra Bucks

The choice of how much you want to DIY is up to you. This is a fantastic way to have a wedding and enjoy it with close friends and family. Create your wedding goods and make your day memorable without any heavy expense. Make some cool stuff. In addition, DIY budget ceremony in Australia is a great way to save some extra money for the future.  

21. If You Are Looking for A Loan, Then Do Your Homework First

According to studies, about 50% of Australians apply for a loan while planning a wedding. If you apply for a loan, make sure to do research first and then apply for a loan only to fulfill your needs. In that way, you can enjoy your wedding and start your married life with no more pressure.

Final Thoughts

For many individuals in Australia, the wedding is one of the most expensive days of their life. In Australia, a wedding can cost an arm and leg. That is why we suggest you the ways to save money on a wedding. Create a checklist and plan accordingly. Above are some tips that might help you to reduce your wedding cost.

In conclusion, have a safety net and try to make a plan B also. In other words, sometimes things go wrong, and we need to spend a little more than what we plan before.

It's Easier Than You Think! 

It's Easier Than You Think! 

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It's Easier Than You Think! 

The right budgeting app will help you find money.
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