17 Tips To Save Money While Traveling In Australia

Australia is located in between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, it is the world largest island. The continent is full of diverse culture and offers a unique experience. From the peaceful beaches to the wild night places it is the best feeling to be there. 

Traveling to your dream destinations can be an expensive experience, and if you are traveling to Australia, it can cost you arms and legs. Though Australia is expensive, it is the most beautiful and peaceful country in the world. One should visit it and have an experience of diverse culture. Being expensive doesn't mean that you should cut it from the travel list. In fact, it should be on everyone's travel list. There are several ways to save money while travelling in Australia. 

Being a travel fanatic you should visit Australia once. If you are willing to know what is the cheapest way to travel around Australia? We have got you covered.

Are you still hooked up? Scroll down to read the most amazing tips to backpacking Australia on a budget. 

In this blog, we have discussed the pro tips to save money while traveling in Australia. By following these tips, you can cut some money while traveling in Australia. Hence, you will not regret saving money.

Pro Tips to Save Money While Traveling In Australia

Travel Australia on a budget can be a challenging situation for travelers. There are thousands of tips to cut money from your daily spending, but some significant saving hacks can save you a lot.

We have gathered some top travel saving tips in Australia. Check it out.

1. Do Research

Researching before actually traveling should be your first step. It can save your time, and you will have a full idea of where to cut the money and how much you should spend on a particular thing. 

Read online blogs, ask people around you if they can help. Research the price of travel and trends. Check available cheap flight options. Doing homework will allow you to backpacking Australia on a budget. 

It will help you choose the restaurant for special days, hotels for accommodation, beaches to have a walk along the shores, and bars and pubs to meet new people.

2. Plan Travel Budget

Planning a budget for your trip is a crucial step. You should know how much you are going to need for the trip. There should be a plan regarding how much money you will spend on one place and how much you will spend on another. 

Discover the affordable destination, identify the big items, and estimate the accommodation and meal charges. Jot down the priorities. You should not waste your hard-earned money. 

Planning a proper budget can be a top travel saving tips in Australia. Stick to the plan, avoid unnecessary spending, and you are good to go.

3. Pre-book Your Ticket

Going to Australia must have decided earlier as these trips can’t result from an instant decision. Starting with your most expensive expenditure, ticket. Pre-book your ticket for almost 6-12 months as the pre-booking offers a discounted price. 

Pre-booking is always beneficial, and you don't know how the flights' condition will be at the time of your flight, pre-booking saves from the hassle. If you book at the 11th hour, the ticket will cost you a lot. 

You can pre-book your ticket online, or you can get a physical copy. Check if the airlines are offering discounts.

4. Travel Alone

Traveling alone is the best way to travel Australia on a budget. You will be on your own, and no one will be there to motivate you for extra spending. There will be no clash on sightseeing choices, and you will be free to go where ever you want. 

Join a solo traveler group if you want to have a unique experience. The diversified group will have people from all over the world traveling together. Traveling independently will be a fantastic experience for you. 

Australia offers many fabulous and eye-catchy places to visit that can unbalance your budget, but you can have a unique experience while spending less if you spend smartly.

5. Budget-Friendly Accommodation

• Guests House: Choosing a guest house for your trip will save money while traveling in Australia. The guest houses are fully furnished as per Australia's standards and cost less than the hotels. The owners are welcoming and friendly. The guest rooms are fully equipped with all the mandatory things from air condition to internet connections.

• Share Room or A Flat: Staying in a shared room or an apartment can save money while traveling in Australia. Team up with a co-traveler or a student to share a room or a flat with you. Living in a shared space can instantly chop off the budget.

• Another best way to save money on accommodations is that you can stay at the place of your family or a friend. Just help them in home chores and you will be good. 

6. Save in Groceries

The easiest form to save money when traveling in Australia is to cut off the extra groceries. You have to stop spending money on the things you rarely use. Shop only the most essential items from your list. 

Try to shop in the hours when stores are having throwing off sales. Buying via discount codes can also waive the extra amount, and you can save enough for your trip. 

The weekly markets can be a good source for you to save money when traveling in Australia. Shopping online can also help you save enough, as the stores mostly have free delivery, and you don't have to waste your fuel to get the groceries. 

You can always try meal boxes, which are economical and the pocket friendly. You have many options available as there are many people offering meal boxes so that you can taste and choose one.

7. Have Affordable Food 

Eating out once won't harm you if you eat smartly. Search for affordable deals in local restaurants. There must be some weekly deals for students or workers also if they would kind enough, they will offer you a complimentary visitor meal. 

Just make sure you go to the right place. Try to cook more food at home. You can target the food with more nutrients, like milk and egg in the breakfast, fruits and fresh salad in lunch, and easily cooked meals for dinner. 

Always cook more than you eat, freeze the remaining food and use it the next day.

8. Transfer via Money Exchanger

While traveling in Australia, you might have to send or receive money. Try using the money exchange instead of the bank transaction. The local money exchange offers different rates and will take less time as compared to the bank. 

The bank transactions need a lot of paperwork, and they sometimes reject the money on pity things. The money exchange will get your work done legally and hassle-free. 

You just need to find the right one with lower rates. It is one of the best ways to save on Australia travel.

9. Travel in Public Transport

Traveling in Australia without a car is normal. People avoid traveling in the car to save fuel and investment. You can contact other travelers to share a ride fare. The public transport can easily be used, the trains in Australia provide safe commute and are pocket friendly. 

A carpool is a unique option for traveling in Australia, and travelers offer this option to minimize their fuel charges. Ride Share is an online platform to search for the passenger or to search for a ride. 

It provides an opportunity to the passengers to choose their desired ride and connects riders with passengers. The website is equally beneficial for both parties—public transport in Australia. There must be some transports deals going on, especially on Sundays the public transport will cost you $2.80, no matter the distance you will be only charged $2.80.

Sunday is the best day to explore the city as on Sundays, and the public transports are at flat rates no matter wherever you go, whatever public transport you take in the cities network, you just have to pay $2.80.

10. Save Money on Sight Seeing

Visiting sightseeing attractions can pressurize your pocket, but you can save money if you are smart enough. You are traveling to a country which is full of natural attractions there. It can cost you a lot, but you don't want to miss the experience, so save money on other stuff and spend on visiting natural places. Try visiting sites where there are no entry charges, and you can enjoy more at less price. Exploring the country in the budget is very crucial. Try visiting free museums they are the best tourist spot. Relaxing at the beach won't cost you much, the seashore and the peaceful environment is perfect for spending evenings. Australian markets are an essential place for tourists. The diversity in the market instantly catches the attention.

11. Find Affordable Fun Activities

Saving in significant fun activities can give enough space in your pocket to avoid financial instability. Australian have some of the best fun activities and events.

The most important free fun events in Australia are mentioned below;

• Vivid Sydney is an annual light, music festival where people from all around Australia gathered to enjoy.

• Lost Paradise, a music festival which showcases a wide range of music genres.

• As Australia is the first country in the world to welcome the new year, the new year eve is grandly celebrated. 

12. Travel in Offseason

Traveling in the off-season is always recommended. The fares are still low in the offseason. In the peak season, it isn't easy to get your desired flight at affordable rates. Thus, you will quickly get your desired flight at affordable rates in the offseason and can get reasonable accommodations. 

Another benefit of traveling offseason is that you can buy anything at discount prices there would be no long queues in the bars and the concerts. You will be comfortable in the buses and in the hotels too. 

There will be no sworn of tourist on significant tourist attraction. 

The tickets to your desired places will be readily available. Traveling in the off-season, you will interact more with the locals. They can be a great source of information regarding the culture.

13. Book Travel Package

Booking a travel package can save you a lot, the spring packages are always beneficial since people usually travel in summer and winter. The packages are for your comfort. 

Thereby, after buying a package, you can be confident that the accommodation, food, and sightseeing experience will make your trip a memory of a lifetime. 

Firstly, you have to research the companies offering packages, compare two or three companies' packages, and choose the most affordable one. The packages can differ from the hotel to the meals. 

They might have a beach visit or a museum tour. You will want to have a beach view home or a house near the forest. The company will take care of everything for your dream tour.

14. Tax Return

Paying taxes will eventually give you the amount you paid. Tax return declaration can serve you a lot. In Australia, the tax is taken from a paycheck. 

The tax in Australia varies from resident to a non-resident, 19% for residents, and 32.5% for non-residents. It is applicable to student visa holder, sponsorship, and permanent resident etc. 

However, in some cases, the state pays back your taxes. they are calculated on the basis of taxes taken from your pay. It can be adjusted at the end of the year. 

15. Shop on Clearance Sale

Shopping is always happiness, getting your favorite product in the least price is always love. Sales worldwide are the primary source for the people who can't afford the expensive stuff or want to save money. 

Clearance sales are offered to get rid of the old stocks and to provide new arrivals. They have to clear old stock and make room for new stock. Shopping from clearance sales can ease up your wallet and give enough support to the finance. 

Sales offer the same premium quality item at lower prices to the customers. You can get your favorite desired dresses at a discounted price with the same premium quality and amazing cut. Shopping from sales can get you more products at less price. Sales are the best to shop under budget.

16. Minimize Alcohol Intake

The Australian government has added a significant amount of tax on alcohol. If you are a daily drinker, then you are about to lose financial stability. There are some discounts on liquor as well 4l wine will be charged around $10. 

Additionally, some bars and pubs have evening and night happy hour offers. Replace alcohol with healthy drinks and shakes. Another best tip to cut your alcohol intake is to measure your alcohol-free days. Allocate certain days of the week to go alcohol-free, challenge yourself to give more attention to health and avoid alcohol. 

Turn to the healthy routine, focus on healthy food and drinks the fresh juices and shakes are equally beneficial for your health and your wallet. Lemonade is used to refresh the mind, and slush can boost up the mood. Stick to the plan of challenging yourself and you will see a major difference.

17. Promote Local Products

Traveling in Australia is incomplete without trying the local products. Try to buy Australian local products for your friends and family and gift them as a souvenir. The rich Australian culture is something you can't miss. 

The local products are of premium quality and durable. Trying out these products is one of the smartest ways to save on Australia travel. Supporting Australian local products keeps Australians motivated. It helps them owning premium products. Some of the best brands to shop are:

• Akubra

• C/MEO Collective

• Sir the label

• Hansen & Gretel

Have you ever been to Australia? Not yet? Plan your first visit to Australia now as the season is all set for the tour. Australia is so beautiful, the natural attractions and the tourist's places are the main attractions of the country. The country have everything to capture the attention. Mark it as your next travel destination and enjoy to your fullest. 

We hope that this blog helps you in planning your next visit to your dream destination Australia. We have tried to add as much as tips as possible let us know if there are any left.

If the planning is done accordingly, then your trip will be the memorable trip of your life. Just proper planning and self-control, then you are good to go.

It's Easier Than You Think! 

It's Easier Than You Think! 

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It's Easier Than You Think! 

The right budgeting app will help you find money.
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