Ways to Save Money at Woolworths

Woolworths’s grocery stores are known to have the most extensive range of grocery items. You name it and they have it. But for buyers who come here with this question “how to save money at Woolworths”, we have compiled a list of many ways to save money at Woolworths including ways to save on groceries at Woolworths.

Grocery shopping for your whole family is a tough job. You have to think about what you and everyone needs. Many people tend to buy different items from different places noticing where a certain item is available at a cheaper price.

There is no need to make so much effort. There are good stores like Woolworths that supply their customers with all products including frozen items, fresh fruits and vegetables, health products, pet care, baby care products, and much more at reasonable prices.

Without further ado, here is everything we could gather about Woolworths’ money saving hacks.

Ways to Save Money at Woolworths: Woolworths Secret Section 

A lot of Woolworths shoppers don’t know it but the supermarket has a designated section that keeps groceries for lower prices.

An Australian lady has shared one of the most incredible Woolworths Money Saving Hacks on a famous Facebook group having more than 70,000 members. She revealed that she bought a host of products for less than half the cost that was originally worth over $27.

She clarified that she accomplished this by shopping from Woolworths’s secret section. According to her, this secret section is usually concealed somewhere near the end of the last corridor where various items at heavily-reduced prices are placed. This seems to be a great way of saving money at Woolworths.

The Facebook group’s name is Budgeting, Food, Savings Ideas, Storing, Life Help Australia. The woman further explained that she doesn’t know whether this secret section is present in every Woolworths store but the Woolworths store in her locality has initiated a low-priced section for shelf items. Though those shelf items are either near expiry or slightly damaged.

How to Save Money at Woolworths with Woolworth’s Discount Coupons?

Before we delve deep into some 10 or more tried and tested ways to save money at Woolworths, we want to discuss Woolworths Coupon Code. We have made an exclusive section for it to let you know it’s a gamechanger tip.

If you wish to stay within your tight budget while shopping your heart out for everything you wish, then you need to step up your game. In simple words, explore the seasonal and exclusive discounts that Woolworths provide the buyers.

Many regular customers have experienced their tremendous generosity towards the shoppers and how they attend to customers’ requirements and financial conditions. This is emphasized through their bargains furnished in the form of discounts and coupons including their Coupon code Australia.

The enormous variety of deals and discounts they offer will surprise you at the checkout when you will find out the huge savings you have got.

More Ways to Save Money at Woolworths

Here are some more ways to save some bucks at Woolworths.

Shop Curiously in Woolworths

If you want to save some bucks at Woolworths, you have to be an enquiring shopper. You need to discover the best Woolworths money-saving hacks and the secret ways to save at Woolworth.

What we mean is that begin with preplanning and do plenty of research and investigation into your activity. The first step is to get to know about Woolworths and its offers as much as you can.

It includes the location of their stores, the items with a deal they offer currently, and more.

On top of that, keep in mind and restrict yourself to this rule that you should only purchase the necessary items. To make this happen, you need to conduct a lot of research about all the items available at Woolworths plus the items available on discounts/deals/special offers currently. 

Now, look closely at which of them you must buy and which are available at a discounted price. When you have found out about those products, grab them first as you start shopping. This strategy will help you to find out loads of ways to save money. 

Utilize E-Wish Gift Cards

E-wish cards provide an incredible way to save money at Woolworths. You can add E-wish gift cards and Woolworths Rewards Card to the Woolworths money mobile application. As we carry our phones with us all the time, you can easily pay for whatever you want to buy through the app. 

One more effective feature of this app is that it records your e-Wish card's cash balance and money transfer history.

Stock Up on Non-perishables

One of the smart ways to save money at Woolworths is to buy non-perishables in bulk. Try to buy essential items having a long shelf life from half-price sales. Some examples are hair care products, oral care products, bathroom essentials, body wash, and paper towels.

Half-price sales offer a fantastic opportunity to buy all these items in bulk so that you have a stock of them for many months while you pay only half price.

Remember toiletries are an essential item, so make sure to stock up at least one extra bottle of your preferred toiletries. In this way, you are saved from such conditions when you finish all their stock and are compelled to buy them at full price.

Make the Most of Your Freezer

For smaller families, we recommend purchasing meats and poultry in bulk when they are being sold at special prices. This is one of the best Woolworths money-saving hacks as they often put-up meats and poultry at special prices.

Also, remember that a larger quantity is more inexpensive. For instance, you will find 1kg of mince cheaper than 500 grams of minced meat. Thus, the rule of thumb is to prefer buying poultry and meat in massive quantities.

Purchase some zippered bags and fill them up with meat and poultry items in portion sizes. Squash the air out and then seal it completely. 

The best strategy is that chop your chicken/beef/mutton up and then freeze them. Whenever, you are in a hurry to cook food, just pull up one bag of meat and cook food in lesser time. These freeze meat items give the best results when stir-fried.

Moreover, buy fruits and vegetables in larger quantities and freeze them in the same way we have mentioned above for freezing meat items. If you can use up all your fruits and vegetables before they perish, that’s great, otherwise, freeze them to retain their freshness. These frozen fruits and vegetables are ideal for soups, smoothies, and slow-cook recipes.

Plan Your Meals

Yes, it's probably the most common Woolworths shopping tip that you hear all the time. People recommend it because it works. If you plan your meals before shopping for your groceries, you will be saved from buying unnecessary items from fresh produce that will ultimately perish in the fridge, wasting your precious money.

Moreover, plan your meals for a week and buy your groceries every week according to your pre-planned meals. Shopping for groceries every week will make it less likely that you will buy items on impulse.

There is no need to make a really strict meal plan like Saturday’s meal is chicken. No, you only have to think out what dishes you want to cook the next week and purchase all the necessary items. When you have all the ingredients at your disposal, just select one of the dishes you have planned for this week.

Try Woolworth’s Brands

Many people are hesitant to purchase items from supermarket brands. Supermarket brands are the best option when buying essentials such as butter, milk, salt, sugar, etc. 

At Savackers, you can find discounts and coupons for Woolworths’ products even on the groceries too. This, this is a great way to save on groceries at Woolworths with the help of Savackers. 

Also, Woolworths branded products come with a satisfaction guarantee which means that if you don’t like the product’s quality, you can return it for a refund.

Save Money with Woolworths Online 

Click and collect is an incredible Woolworths shopping trick. It allows you to observe your total and cut on impulse buying. You just have to splurge at least $30, and then you can even only buy non-perishable products, household items, and staples this way and enter the meats and fresh produce aisle.

Additionally, Woolworths offer regular special prices or discount for buying bundles exclusively for online shoppers. Make the most of these special prices when buying staples, household products, and non-perishables and buy meats and fresh produce at normal prices.


Budgeting is very important when it comes to grocery shopping for most of us middle-income people. Woolworths caters to all their customers including those who have a tight budget. It aims to remove most of the difficulties and restraints, shoppers may face when shopping for their households.

Now, you have come to know that shopping endlessly at Woolworths without breaking your bank is easier than you think. All you need to do is become a little smarter and make use of the simple hacks to save some cash on nearly every item.

It's Easier Than You Think! 

It's Easier Than You Think! 

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It's Easier Than You Think! 

The right budgeting app will help you find money.
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