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Stepping into a new year of life is exciting and you want to be treated like a VIP. Indeed, you also deserve it but it sometimes make holes to your pocket. But no worries because we are here to let you know how to get a lot of vouchers on your most awaited day. Also, the giveaways as token of appreciation from your favorite brands. 

Though, it’s a marketing tactic to hook up the customer and gain loyalty. However, surely it is worthy to add up a little more to your cart. 

Therefore, you can shop more plus save. Read below our blog to know how to get free things on your birthday in Australia.

Australia is a fascinating destination to spend your big day. The brand in Australia never misses a chance to make their customers happy. Brands all over Australia offer birthday treats for its loyal customers. 

Birthday freebies in Australia can be in the form of a considerable discount. The business can offer a birthday bonus, free good, and vouchers. Moreover, it’s your right to be spoiled on your birthday and enjoy the day with your fullest.

Hence, if you are willing to unlock a fantastic chance of getting birthday freebies in Australia, you have to register first. 

Sign up for the birthday freebies. The sign up is free, but they will require an identity proof from you accordingly to prove your instance.

Best Places to Get Birthday Freebies

A birthday is a special day for everyone. Moreover, there is no point to make a birthday person pay for their party. The offers to cater birthday freebies in Australia are always there for the rescue. 

Additionally, using a special birthday offer you can have the best birthday of your life. Furthermore, the best part is there will be no spending of a single penny form your wallet.

Birthday freebies in Australia are not just enjoying free coffee. Besides, it is much more than that. Hence, you can get a free meal, a special discount on your favorite dress. Therefore, Australia is famous for celebrating events with full swing. Memorable fun-filled birthday breakfast and the dinner can be managed for you.

The birthday freebies in Australia are not only specified for Sydney or Melbourne. Moreover, you can enjoy these unlimited treats all over the Australia.

Enlist the Requirements

Firstly, enlist the things you need to celebrate your birthday. Search if there is any luck with brands for free birthday supplies. Start checking with the décor stuff. Then, search for food birthday freebies in Australia, the last thing will be the outfit for your important day. Head over to the fashion stores and see what they have in their stores for the birthday person.

The list of birthday freebies is mentioned below to help you with plan out your birthday:

• Birthday theme

• Food and drink supplies

• An outfit for your big day

• Be healthy and beautiful

If your birthday is near or you know someone whose birthday is coming. This blog can be a good source of knowledge for you to know about the birthday freebies in Australia. Moreover, we have gathered a list of your favorite places to get freebies on your special day in Australia.

If you are still here with us, let’s get the party started, mentioned below, the major options for you to enjoy your birthday with your favorite birthday freebies in Australia.

Birthday Theme

Birthday decoration is a crucial part of the celebration. In addition, the Australian brands offer fantastic discounts for you to celebrate the birthdays. Mentioned below are the top options of the sites for you to choose.

Kikki K’s: A birthday is incomplete without a proper décor. Kikki K’s members get benefits on their birthdays, including an exclusive voucher and a surprise gift. With the help of the voucher, you can get your decoration stuff in less than no price. 

Smiggle: A renowned Australian brand offers $10 birthday voucher. It is for being a loyal customer on your birthday as a token of appreciation. You just have to sign up online on a website.

Sherdian: The brand will deliver a special birthday card to their VIP members. The card will have a surprise gift to be redeemed online or in-store. Member will be able to use it within 14 days.

Dymocks: If you love books and love to be rewarded, Dymock’s Booklover Rewards Program will help make your birthday special. Members get $5 credit loaded onto their account at the beginning of their birthday month. 

Spotlight: Spotlight VIP member receives an exclusive 15% discount voucher on their birthdays. 

Ikea: Ikea family programs offer an email and a voucher enclosed with it for a delicious cake. You just have to bring the voucher with your reward card to celebrate your big day.  

Food and Drink Supplies

It’s time to get the food supplies done. The birthday food should not be on the birthday person. Besides, the birthday meal can get in free if you search smartly. 

Gloria Jean’s: Gloria Jean’s is always famous in taking good care of their loyal customers. In addition, their slippers club was specially founded to cater the needs of the birthdays of their customers. In addition, the slippers club members get a free drink on their birthday. The voucher will be received via customized email, and it can be redeemed on stores. 

Nandos: The first of its kind, Nandos, has a PeriPerks club. It will lead you to have a free regular meal on your big day. However, to qualify, you must have made a transaction in the previous six months and must be signed up.

Baskin Robbins: Baskin Robbins is not a new name, it is in the game since a very long time. They ask people to sign up online with Club 31 to enjoy “buy one get one free” offer. So, on your birthday they offer exclusive reward in the form of a “free scope”. Hence, they will also give you a discount on a birthday cake. Additionally, the offer can be redeemed within a week.

Ali Baba: The ultimate rewards on Ali Baba attract customers to join Ali Baba Ultimate reward club. On your big day, you will be eligible to have a free kebab.

Cheesecake Shop: As the name tells the Cheesecake shop members can get a cheesy discount. As well as the voucher of % 5 off on the cakes on their birthday after signing up.

Sumo Salad: If you are a salad lover, it’s your chance to have a fresh salad. Additionally, Sumo Salad will give you one for free. Register for free to the Sumo Society membership more than 14 days beforehand.

Mrs Fields: Mrs Fields cookie offers you a free cookie on your birthday. You’ll need to the sign up with your registered ID. 

Shingle Inn: The VIP club of Shingle Inn gifts members a sweet treat and a drink on their birthdays. Furthermore, you can get it redeemed on stores. 

Vapiano: If you want to join the Vapiano VIP program, you have to register. Additionally, you’ll receive an email 3 days pre-birthday with a surprise special birthday offer.

Hard Rock Cafe: Hard Rock Café offers terrific meals. On the birthdays of their members, they provide a dessert free of cost. It is served using Hard Rock Rewards with any entrée purchase.

Mos Burger: Is it your birthday today? Mos Club newsletter is the best option to have a free meal. Additionally, the Mos Club sign up members and they receive a free burger on their big day. 

Bondi Pizza: Who doesn’t love pizza. The VIP club members of Bondi Pizza will receive a pizza voucher on the first day of their birthday month. The voucher will be eligible for the whole month.

Boost Juice: The free smoothie or fresh juice on your big day is an excellent idea. However, you need to register or download the application.

Krispy Kreme: Subscribe their newsletter, and you will get a free birthday gift. The coupon code can be redeemed for a four-pack of original glazed doughnuts. It can also be redeemed in-store or $10 off your next online order. Moreover, you have to be a member of more than four weeks before your birthday.

Chatime: Get a free drink on birthday by joining their loyal-Tea Club members or spend 50c on a card in-store. 

Jamaica Blue: Jamaica Blue gifts you a free cake of slice. Register yourself and get a card, additionally, you might need to show the ID to prove yourself.

Lone Star Rib House: If you like Texan style and would like to celebrate your birthday with some Texan flavor. Register yourself to the Lone Star Rib House Birthday Club. Get a free meal if your second meal is worth $8.95 or more.

Hogsbreath: If you want to enjoy your favorite meal free on your birthday. Register yourself to the Hog Squad for $19.90, including a free favorite meal on your birthday. 

Cold Rock: Sign up at the Cold Rock VIP club. Enjoy a “Buy One, Get One Free” voucher, on your birthday. You will be eligible for a voucher for free ice cream and $10 waived off on your birthday cake.

Hakataya Ramen: Proof that you are Australian and get a chance to win free ramen on your birthday.

Hungry Jacks: Sign Up as a Hungry Jacks member and score a free meal on your birthday.

Noodle Box: The Noodle Box offers a program where the Crew earn rewards when they buy from Noodle Box. On their birthday, the card will automatically load up with $10 worth of Noodle Dollars. You will have seven days to use them. 

T2 Tea: T2 tea offers a free full-sized takeaway cup of tea for the society club members on their birthdays. Just show your ID and enjoy your tea. 

Lord of the Fries: Join the VIP group to enjoy the unlimited perks. You will be listed as a free regular fries winner on your birthday along with product taste-testing.

Gelatissimo: Download the app and sign up online to get a free gelato on their birthday. 

Montezuma’s: On your special day the Montezuma’s Gold Club offers a free meal. You have to buy a second meal to redeem the offer. 

Muffin Break: If you are looking for birthday freebies in Australia-wide, Muffin Break is the best option. Just sign up with your app or a card, you will be one step closer to win a free muffin. Additionally, you will be able to redeem within a month.

Oporto:  Oporto offers a unique exciting reward program that gives members a free birthday gift. Orange Status’s members will be able to enjoy the 10% off, silver will be able to get 15% and gold will be able to win a free single fillet Bondi Burger Meal and Platinum will 20% off. Furthermore, they will be able to redeem within a month.

Wokinabox: It’s your chance to pick a wok wallet from any restaurant. Sign up with your complete details. Additionally, on your birthday you will get surprised $10 Wok Dollars to spend over the next 7 days.

Outback Jacks: Another, birthday Club that offers a free main meal on your birthday month you purchase at least 2 main meals. In addition, if you book a table for your birthday, you’ll get an extra treat. 

Spud Bar: Sign up to the Secret Society of Spud if you want to get a surprise gift on your birthday. Moreover, you can create your own to the value of $13.40. Additionally, you can claim your gift within 3 days.

An Outfit for Your Big Day

Dressing up chic is on your birthday is your birthright. You have to look stunning your big day. When it comes to the birthday apparel, some unique Australian brands help you gain your desired style for your birthday.

Spanx: Send your birth details to Spanx, and they will send your reward. Make sure you enter your complete information to get a surprise discount on your birthday.

ASOS: Create an account on ASOS and choose email options. On your birthday, you’ll receive a surprise in the form of 10% off promo code for the whole month.

ADIDAS: ADIDAS offers a 20$ gift voucher on your birthday by signing up on their newsletter.

Ben Sherman: If you want a faster checkout you should register yourself with Ben Sharma. You will get a 15% welcome discount with an exclusive discount on your birthday.

Cotton On: If you want to win a bonus and unlimited discount on your birthday. Sign up for the Cotton On program which covers several brands. You will receive a surprise treats and gifts on your birthday.

Anaconda: If you join the adventure club, you will get a $10 reward on your birthday.

Bonds: There are three different types of memberships on Bonds. Every type’s members are eligible to get $10 gift on the birthday. Furthermore, the card can be redeemed online or in-store.

City Chic: City chic offers $20 voucher on your birthday which is eligible for 14 days after your birthday. Just register yourself. Furthermore, you will be able to redeem the voucher online and in stores. 

Best & Less: The best in Australia, this brand offers a unique voucher that your friends and family can redeem. Hence, the 15% discount code sends you on your birthday will be equally beneficial for you and your family. It is redeemable in-store or online.

Be Healthy and Beautiful

Your skin and health need equal care. Additionally, the skincare and health brands in Australia are not behind when it comes to spoiling the customers. Moreover, we have shared below some of the brands that cater to health and skincare needs on your birthday.

Body Shop: Who doesn’t know about the body shop. Moreover, the body shop is one of the finest skincare brands in the world. They have a reward program which will send a surprise birthday gift to the loyal customer.

Amcal: The Amcal loyalty program depends on how much you spend. Additionally, you will receive a surprise birthday and a $5 voucher to spend on anything in-store. 

Mecca: If you spend more than $300 in a year. In addition, each beauty Loop level comes with an exclusive free birthday gift.

Essential Beauty: You need to sign up to receive an Essential Beauty email and share the complete details. 

Benefit: Benefit Is Brow Service. Additionally, the brow experts offer a free brow service. Moreover, you have to be a member with the stores to get these benefit (Such as MyerOne or Sephora Gold)

Final Word

Birthdays are a yearly celebration and you wait for them the entire year. Thereby, it should be celebrated whole heartedly. Being the birthday girl or boy, you deserve to be fully pampered. We have covered all the aspect to celebrate your birthday in full swing while staying in Australia in the most cost-effective ways. 

Let us know if you have availed any of the birthday freebie offers from these brands. 

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It's Easier Than You Think! 

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